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CAPCA Head Start is committed to providing comprehensive quality childcare services in a caring environment which meets the needs of children, families, staff, and community.

The general philosophy held by CAPCA Head Start is that the child, family and community benefits from the operation of a Head Start program. America's hope of perpetuating a democratic society lies in its children. The hope for a world at peace depends upon the attitudes, understandings and abilities that are acquired by young children in the home and in early learning programs.

CAPCA Head Start is a Grantee Agency under the umbrella of the Community Action Program for Central Arkansas. Services are provided through Regional, Home Base and Migrant Head Start programs.

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CAPCA is an E.E.O.C. employer and complies with ADA guidelines.

P.O. Box 2227
Conway, Arkansas 72033

Phone: 501-329-0977
Fax: 501-329-9247

If you know the first name of the person you wish to contact:
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