Johann Sebastian Bach
Brandenburg Concerto
Brandenburg Concerto, Opening
Clavierubung, Part 3, Duet No. 2 in F Major
Prelude and Fugue in C Sharp
Tocata and Fugue in D Minor

Ludwig Von Beethovan
Fur Elise
Piano Sonata, No. 23
Piano Sonata, No. 28 in B Flat
Symphony No. 5
Symphony No. 5 in C Minor
Symphony No. 5, Movement 3
Symphony No. 27, Movement 1
Symphony No. 27, Movement 2
Symphony No. 27, Movement 3

Alexandre Bizet
Habanera, from Carmen
Le Voici

Johannes Brahms
Ballade in G Minor, Opus 118, No. 3
Intermezzo in E Flat Minor, Opus 118, No. 6
Prelude and Fugue, No. 2

Fryderyk Chopin
Ecossaise, No. 2 in G
Etude, Opus 25, No. 1
Imprompt, Fantastique (1)
Imprompt, Fantastique (2)
Nocturne, No. 18 in E Major, Opus 62
Piano Sonata in B Minor, Finale

Claude Debussy
Deux Arabesques, No. 1
Deux Arabesques, No. 2
Children's Corner
Cortege, Petite Suite
Minuet, Petite Suite
Piano Trio in G
String Quartet in G Minor

George Fredric Handel
But Who May Abide
Hallelujah Chorus
Organ Concerto in G
Water Music

Joseph Haydn
Sonata No. 7
Symphony No. 7, Movement 1
Symphony No. 104, Movement 2

Franz Liszt
Valse Oubliee

Felix Mendelssohn
Fughetta in A
Octet for Strings, Movement 1

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Fantasia in D
Fantasy on a Musical Clock
Marriage of Figaro
Requiem Dies Irae
Rondo in C
Sonata for Four Hands in D Major
Sonata in A Major, Movement 1
Sonata in A Major, Movement 2
Sonata in A Major, Movement 3
Sonata in C Major, Movement 1
Sonata in C Major, Movement 2
Sonata in C Major, Movement 3

Niccolo Paganini
Caprice in A Minor, No. 24
Caprice, No. 20
Piano Concerto, No. 2 in B Minor

Giacomo Puccini
La Boheme

Maurice Ravel
Cinq Melodies Populaires Grecques, No. 1
Cinq Melodies Populaires Grecques, No. 2
Cinq Melodies Populaires Grecques, No. 3
Cinq Melodies Populaires Grecques, No. 4
Cinq Melodies Populaires Grecques, No. 5
Clair de Lune, Opus 46, No. 2
Jeuxdeau Suite
String Quartet in F

Russian Easter Overture
Sherherazade, Opus 35, "The Sea and Sinbad"
Sheherazade, Opus 35, "The Young Prince and the Princess"

Franz Schubert
The Great Symphony
Piano Fantasy in C, Movement 1

Johann Strauss
Kaiser Waltz
The Blue Danube, Opus 314

Igor Stravinski
11 Dances
Firebird Suite

Peter Ilytch Tchaikovski
1812 Overture
Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies
Nutcracker Suite
Piano Concerto, No. 1
Russian Dance
Waltz of the Flowers
William Tell Overture

Guiseppe Verdi
Aida, "Grande Finale"

Antonio Vivaldi
Cello Concerto in G Minor, Movement 1
The Four Seasons, "Autumn"
The Four Seasons, "Spring"
The Four Seasons, "Spring"(2)
Violin Concerto, No. 5 in E Flat Major, Movement 1
Violin Concerto, No. 7 in D Minor, Movement 1

Richard Wagner
The Bridal Chorus

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