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E-zines, banner exchanges, web directories, search engines.....where should you start when you are ready to promote your web site?

There is not one simple answer to this question. Some persons find a source that works well for them and stick with just that. Others, eager to let the world know about their fantastic new site, utilize them all. If you are just starting out, my recommendation is to submit to the major search engines, then select one or two other sources that you feel comfortable with for now. Otherwise, you will be inundated with information and email. The best method is to not overwhelm yourself in the beginning, but focus on what you can handle and learn that well before adding to your sources.

Following is a list of resources for site promotion. Look them over carefully, many are free or offer a free trial period. Some charge a fee, but their reach is so widespread that your return may make that unimportant.

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