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Fairy Tale Trivia The Age of Dinosaurs African Animals Coloring Pages - print out and color Butterfly Site for Children Consumer Education for Teens Study Tips for Students Eggs and More Eggs - A fun page for children. Egg puzzles, egg pictures to color, egg crafts and more. Honey - Facts and information for children. Includes why bees make honey to honey trivia. Online Spelling Games Kids Web Electronic Zoo Kids Space RoseMarís Just for Kids Site Models of Planets Butterflies of North America National Zoo - A really fun site. Has Zoo TV, netcam and more. I had to laugh when I clicked on the netcams. I didnít see even one animal, just concrete. I am sure there were some pandas somewhere but I didnít see any of them. I finally found an elephant on the camera. I guess he wasnít shy. It could be that the rest of the world isnít up at 4 am like I am. Craft Projects for Children Outline Maps to Color (World) Outline Maps of USA to Color How Stuff Works - Time - a brief overview of clocks, measuring time, time zones, and more. All About Nature Coloring Pages Whale Activities - Printout Electronic Trip to the United Nations Daily Crossword Puzzle from Discovery Online (Changes each day) Online Tour of National Parks Jigsaw Puzzles are the Name of the Game Puzzle Connection Aesopís Fables Ikaís Online Stories Online Version of Just Me and My Day by Mercer Mayer Kids World - Brain Games for Kids Games for Children at TutorCenter Earthís Physical Features - Activities and Games Explanation of Time Zones Color Activity Pages Barbie Paper Dolls (3 Pages) Contractions Games and Activities Play Checkers at Ben and Jerryís Games to Learn Estimating Hundreds Stained Glass Windows Craft Idea Bobís Paper Dolls - A Picture of a boy and a girl to color plus several outfits. Cyberbuds Snappy Dressers - Paper Dolls to color and dress. How to Make Spoon Puppets Some Fun Crafts for Children to Make Pear Bear Activities for Children Brainpop Animated Movies for Children - Many different topics - cute and full of good information. Legends - Explore the World of Legends Beantime Stories Flags of All Countries XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Pedroís Multilingual Dictionaries Online English Grammar - a very nice site. Has so much information Betty Crocker Kitchens Historic American Recipes Gourmet Recipes for the Culinarily Challenged Drudge Report Financial Times New York Times Online How to Use the Address Book on Outlook Express Bloom - an online guide to house plants and gardening Appetizers for Math and Logic - Free Online Lessons Idiom of the Day Crossword of the Day Money Tip of the Day Jonathanís Checker Game - beware this game is addictive (download) Baby Names - a large list of baby names - I put my name in and found out what it meant. I liked the part that I was generous but I am not sure about the blunt and sarcastic part. ABCs of Parenting Happy Soft Free Games (Download) Space Link - Link to NASA The Evening Sun Cybernews Investigative Journal from Talk USA Travel Atlas - Listing of cruises and trips. I was in the mood to travel today. Found out it cost too much so I am staying home. Medical Resource Center The Nurseís Station Flaming Text - Put your own name in interesting different fonts. (Little kids love this too.) Kindred Connections - find out about your ancestors. Any Day in History Lotteries by State Beat the Dictionary Online Game - Guess as many words as you can before all nine pieces of the Dictionary cover fill in. Yahoo Online Games - Dozens to choose from - Java Based Games I love the wordsearch game and the crossword puzzle games. Daily Vocabulary Quizzes - Enter and win prizes Shockwave Online - Has lots of great animation and sound Medical World Search - Medical Intelligence at Your Fingertips My Job Search - Search for a job online - a really nice site You'll find over 300 free catalogs at the Catalogs Request Center. Use this free service to quickly locate the catalogs that have the products you want. Catalogs make great ďideaĒ books when searching for just the right present. I found several that had some great recipes in them. Get FREE money-saving coupons for local, national, and online stores Make Your Own Puzzles Online Instant Bingo Brain Blitz - Games that Can Be Played Online Marmaduke Cartoons Wordzap (Download) A Fun Word Game to Play on Your Computer Great American Web Site Webopedia - Great for understanding computer terms - has definition and articles about computer topics Academic Employment Network JobsOnline is your online resource for employment and career information. Post a resume, review salary information for thousands of jobs, & take a job aptitude test - just to name a few of the services. All absolutely FREE. Register today and receive 30 minutes of long distance FREE. With NET@DDRESS and you receive your very own free lifetime e-mail address that works independently of your Internet Service Provider, wherever you go. This is great for teachers that want to have a mailbox separate from their school address. This mail can be accessed from any computer that is connected to the internet. (Example: Most public libraries have internet access. You can get mail during the summers by going using computer in public libraries to get you mail. Free Software - Many categories at Free Center 1200 Years of Italian Sculpture KidSource - Health and Education Issues for Parents about Children Prevention Online Magazine Uproar - Play Games Online Play Mahjongg Online Play Wheel of Fortune Online Family Play - Activities You Can Do with Your Family Craft Recipes Excite Games - Games from - Includes chess, cards games, checkers and many more. Alphtris - (Download) Play a combination of Scrabble and Tetris. Complete Guide and Internet Tutorial Price Watch - How and Where to findthe Best Prices for Computer stuff WordSearch Online Java Puzzles VHUMC Online Games - Lots of them. It took me a while to get this newsletter done because I naturally had to check each of them out. Good site for quick online games. Online Crossword Puzzles USA Today Daily Online Puzzles Top 10 Castles of the World