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"It is anticipated that by the year 2005, 50% of households in the US
alone will be involved in a home business." -Newsweek Magazine

How to Start and Grow Your Business on the Internet

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"Inherently, each one of us has the substance within to achieve whatever our goals and dreams define. What is missing from each of us is the training, education, knowledge and insight to utilize what we already have."
-- Mark Twain

"I am tired of being on the road so much and away from my family. I want to quit my job, stay home and make money on the Internet."

"I'm a stay-at-home mom because I think its important to have this time with my children. But I'm also looking for a way to make more money for our family."

"I wasn't able to start saving soon enough. Most experts say you'll need 70 percent to 80 percent of your pre-retirement income after you stop working."
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"I got started online but haven't made much money yet. I just don't know how to get customers to my site."

"I want to start a business of some kind, but I don't know what I could sell."